Session of the Pa i Tomàquet amb Tertúlia

The Gathering took place the 8-10-2001

Alberto Fernández Díaz

President of the Popular Political Party of Catalunya

Meeting in which we had the participation of the following visitors:

Sr. Joaquim Abelló.- President of Ward Howell-Signium International
Sr. Benet Carbonell i Marcet.- President of Copcisa
Sr. Carlos Von Carstenn.- Doctor in Chemistry and Pharmacist
Sr. Carles Cusí.- Industrial Engineer
Sra. Claudia Freude.- Businesswoman
Sr. Enrique Hernández Gajate.- Public Notary
Sr. Joan Martí Monllor.- Businessman Group Iberhogar
Sr. Ferrán Ramon i Marsal.- Engineer. President Association of Engineers
Sra. Teresa Rivera.- Doctorate in Romanic Philology and Writter
Sr. Josep Mª Sanclimens i Genescà.- Lawyer. Managing Director Group BGI.
Sr. Josep Vilallonga Shelly.- Businessman, President of the Vilallonga Group