Session of the Pa i Tomàquet amb Tertúlia

The Gathering took place the 28-06-2004

Juan A. Alsace

Consul of USA in Barcelona

Meeting in which we had the participation of the following visitors:

Sr. Ferrán Cardenal.- Ex Director Gral. of the Civil Guard
Sra. Carola Enrich Clapés.- Student of Architecture
Sr. Lluís Franco.- Former Labour Minister of the Generalitat de Catalunya
Sra. Claudia Freude.- Businesswoman
Sr. Juan Mª Hernández Puertolas.- Journalist Publisher Opinion of La Vanguardia
Sr. Alex Jaumandreu.- Lawyer. Firm Roca Junyent
Sr. Jordi Marsal.- Deputy to the Congress for El PSC
Sr. Gabriel Masfurroll.- President & Managing Director of USP Europe
Sra. Rosa Massagué.- Journalist, Director of the External Relations of El Periódico de Catalunya
Sr. Ramón Palou Godall.- Economist. President of Protasa & Catensa. Honorary Consul of Guinea Bisau in Cat & Aragón
Sr. Joan Rios Masanell.- President of EUTIME Sabadell and of the Casal of Europe in Sabadell
Sra. Carla Sanclimens Armengou.- Economist
Sr. Josep Mª Sanclimens i Genescà.- Lawyer. Managing Director Group BGI.
Sr. Josep Vilallonga Shelly.- Businessman, President of the Vilallonga Group