Session of the Pa i Tomàquet amb Tertúlia

The Gathering took place the 5-03-2001

Carme San Miguel

Head of Security and Mobility of the Barcelona City Hall

Meeting in which we had the participation of the following visitors:

Sr. Antonio Ainoza.- President Group Popular Diputación of Barcelona
Sra. Joaquima Alemany.- Congresswoman for CiU to the Congress of Catalunya
Sr. David Bonet.- Sub Delegate of the Government in Barcelona
Sra. Claudia Freude.- Businesswoman
Sr. Antoni Lladó.- Lawyer & Economist. Former General Manager ICEC
Sr. Marc Marcé.- Journalist. Director of Regió 7
Sr. Josep Mateu.- Managing Director of the RACC
Sr. Ignasi Miranda.- Editorial Director of Radio Estel
Sr. Vicent Sanchís.- Journalist. Director of Barça TV
Sr. Josep Mª Sanclimens i Genescà.- Lawyer. Managing Director Group BGI.
Sr. Josep Vilallonga Shelly.- Businessman, President of the Vilallonga Group