What is "el Pa i Tomàquet amb Tertúlia"?

Last update the 24-08-2017

Is a dinner-gathering, around a table, enjoying a "pa amb tomàquet", in two services, and in good company with great wine.
In those reunions we treat subjects of actuality and interest, with a Guest of Honour and eleven other persons, carefully selected.

What is the objective of the meetings?

To meet and to debate about subjects of actuality and interest.

When it is done?

It is normally celebrated on Mondays from 20:00h. to 22:30h.


20:00h. - 20:20h. Aperitif and presentation.
20:20h. - 20:30h. Introduction to the subject.
20:30h. The dinner starts.
22:30h. Farewell.
We request punctuality.

What is the venue?

In Barcelona, in a private apartment in the Paseo de Gracia.

Who are the Guests of Honour?

Any person with we could maintain an interesting and enlighten conversations and exchange of opinions.
In this web there is a full relation of all Guests that we have invited.

Who are the Hosts?

Mr. Ferràn Mascarell i Canalda, Mr. Josep Mª Sanclimens i Genescà & Mr. Jose Vilallonga Shelly.

How many sessions have we done so far?

The first session was conducted the 19 June 2000, and to the date of the last update, the 24-08-2017, we had done 300 "Pa i Tomàquet amb Tertúlia", with the participation of 2147 different attendants. Our objective is to make 18 sessions every year.